Fleming (23) went missing after traveling through Europe

a53ed2f40b9b7b785629cc0276109a0d - Fleming (23) went missing after traveling through Europe

After a tour in Europe would be Gert-Jan Dobbelaere (23) last week in Belgium arrive. Ready for a new chapter in his life. He even had a job interview scheduled. But since 27 July, the family of the Zaventemse student not heard from him. “Even the mobile phone is now permanently off. As long as nothing is heard, that is nothing for him.”

‘Brother missing. Dear friends of Gert-Jan Dobbelaere, has anyone of you my brother have heard? And he has you iéts told about his travel plans that had to follow?” Through social media, launched by Steven Dobbelaere Monday night a call in the hope to finally get more information about where his brother is located. The message was yesterday thousands of times shared. Not only in our country but across the whole of Europe, in Sarajevo, where Gert-Jan was last seen. Also local news sites picked up the alarming disappearance, but as far as is known, unfortunately, still without any breakthrough.

Gert-Jan Dobbelaere departed on 18 July with his Volkswagen Polo (license plate number ACF-766) only on a tour through Europe. While he Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia crossed, he had regular contact with the home front. On 27 July he left for the last to know something, from the Croatian port city of Dubrovnik. Then it was silent. ‘Since the 27th of July we have not heard from him, ” says brother Steven. ‘Two days later he would still be in Sarajevo with regard to his (the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, ed.). But since then, lacking any trace. The mobile phone is now permanently out, let the police know about us.’


Would normally Gert-Jan on July 31, again to Belgium. He had even a job interview scheduled. Why the young man, his travel plans changed, is a mystery. That he did not spontaneously something of himself left to hear, is, according to his family, absolutely not his habit. “A walk in the mountains, he could do it, but really the danger look? No, that is absolutely nothing for him.” There are also no indications that he was dejected or depressed.

The disappearance makes of course for a lot of anxiety. The Cell Missing Persons in our country has started an investigation and looking into possible traces of the twenties. “But the problem is that it is harder to get someone abroad to trace than in Belgium. Especially since Gert-Jan, travel from country to country. It goes slower in all the countries the necessary info to obtain. But we know that he is here and there has been, so we have a clue”, sounds.

The researchers now hope that the young man himself soon became a sign of life, or that the investigation, in cooperation with the other countries, soon in any case. They take into account all scenarios. “That he is suddenly no longer respond, can, of course, there are many possible causes. It is possible that he is not receiving, or is his cell phone broken, or is he even ended up in jail.’

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