Fire Algarve can still take days

318b09fb41716d318664dc883c8ff93f - Fire Algarve can still take days

LISBON – The Portuguese prime minister Antonio Costa has warned that it still may be days before the vast natural fire that is raging in the Algarve will be extinguished. The authorities have Wednesday, 120 additional firefighters to the tourist region in the south sent.

In total now 1450 people with major equipment, including about a dozen aircraft, engaged in combat. Despite their efforts spreading the fire, that Friday oplaaide, of the hills at Monchique steadily towards the coast.

Costa told on tv that the past week in Portugal, while there is a scorching heat wave across the country drew more than 500 fires are extinguished. “But we came to lose control. That is an operation that is still days will last. It is an illusion to think that it is a matter of hours to put the fire out.”

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