Facebook blundert with balloons after earthquake

5151d342a19b1eff34a44384290b7c43 - Facebook blundert with balloons after earthquake

SAN FRANCISCO – Facebook emphasised that users that messages placed on the earthquake in Lombok, sometimes balloons and confetti on their screen saw appear. That is due to a translation error, message, website Motherboard.

Indonesian facebook users who wrote about the tragedy, often used the word “selamat.” That word has multiple meanings and can vary depending on the context be translated into “unharmed”, but also to “congratulations.” The algorithm of Facebook saw posts about the natural disaster, as a result, for congratulations, making cheerful animation did not appear on the screen.

Facebook showed the technologiesite know the situation is regrettable and the ballonnenfunctie and ties have been laid. “We have the feature now turned off locally,” said a spokeswoman. “We empathize with the people affected by the earthquake.”

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