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Ethereum Classic (ETC) is scratching to the Top 10

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The Top 10 crypto-currencies by market capitalization have a new contender: Ethereum Classic (ETC) is, according to Coinmarketcap, currently the eleventh largest Coin and is preparing to make IOTA the tenth place in dispute.

After the prices of Bitcoin and most Altcoins have been received in the last week, as in many places, the flowers, Ethereum Classic currently literally on the Flourish. At the Moment, the ETC rate is 18,92 US Dollar, after he had crossed early in the Morning CET, even briefly, the 20-US-Dollar-brand. With a market capitalization of approximately 1.94 billion U.S. dollars Ethereum Classic is now between IOTA (of 2.18 billion dollars) and Tron (1,92 billion US dollars).

The Altcoin may currently have a days plus of 7.91 percent. If this Trend is confirmed, it could IOTA soon fly out from the Top 10 on Coinmarketcap. The 24-hour balance sheet looks significantly less rosy, and currently has a deficit of 13.08 percent. The price increase may also in connection with the announcement of Robinhood, to want ETC in your Trading App.

The ETC-rate has risen since this Tweet and now has achieved early with a market capitalization of about two billion U.S. dollars for a three-month high.

Also Coinbase is waiting in the wings

Already in June, the crypto exchange Coinbase announced that the ETC-Token to the expected lists. The prospect of a listing in one of the major crypto exchanges in the course of the ETC. Within a few hours the exchange rate rose from twelve to 16 US dollars. On 3. August ushered in Coinbase to Medium officially the final phase for the testing of the ETC support. You assume, up to 7. August, so today, to have all the Tests completed. An appropriate announcement would then follow. Before Coinbase opens up the Trading of ETC-Token, users of Coinbase Pro and Coinbase Prime will have the opportunity to transfer their Token Coinbase, said in the Post. Coinbase gave no guarantee on the compliance of the appointment, you can set today, so more Updates.

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