Dutch academics to publish in neptijdschriften

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Hundreds of Dutch academics in recent years have scientific articles published in journals with a questionable reputation. It comes to magazines, against substantial payment, and without any quality assessment submitted articles to publish.

Among the Dutch academics in this type of ‘neptijdschriften’ have been published, are also well-known scientists as a pharmacist Jaap Goudsmit and virologist is in order Ab Osterhaus, usually as last author in articles of employees or phd students. That writes the Volkskrant on the basis of the data of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), which was previously the Panama Papers published. The newspaper was allegedly exclusive access to the data of the ICIJ.

In July, the ICIJ all about this kind of practices, after an analysis of 175,000 scientific research articles of five of the world’s biggest pseudo-scientific platforms, such as the Indian Omics and the Turkish Waset. A number of these publishers would be targeted mails sent to scientists who are under pressure to get as many as possible articles to publish.


The number of publications of the top of the pseudoscientific online publishers according to ICIJ, since 2013 has tripled and there are approximately 400,000 scientists involved. Former Nobel prize winners would be the rapid growth alarming.

According to the Volkskrant in the database of the ICIJ-collectively, that the period from 2012 to 2018 covered approximately three hundred articles of at least 750 Dutch scientists Omics published. Further published Waset hundred so-called conferentiepapers of about five hundred authors from Dutch institutions.

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