China bans Winnie the Pooh movie after comparison with president Xi

b5077517823bf2bf4e9b0571b63cfa53 - China bans Winnie the Pooh movie after comparison with president Xi

China has the movie ‘Christopher Robin’ banned from his cinemazalen. In the new film Winnie the Pooh, which by the regime of the country is not liked is because he would seem on the president Xi Jinping. It is the umpteenth incident in the war of China against the cartoonfiguurtje.

Set that China and Winnie the Pooh not be on good terms with each other, is a heavy understatement. The Asian superpower will see the tekenfilmfiguurtje preferably fully eliminated from the country. Opponents of the authoritarian president Xi Jinping jokes like about a physical resemblance between the two. Therefore, the regime everything to the Winnie outside the country’s borders. The last episode in the beeldoorlog: the ban on the film ‘Christopher Robin’.

In the live-actionprent is there a role for the mischievous bear. An official reason for the ban is not given, but, among others, The Hollywood Reporter points out, in the direction of the equation with Xi Jinping. It is the second time this year that China is a hollywood movie bans. Previously was all ‘A Wrinkle In Time’ that dubious honour.

The fascination of the Chinese regime with Pooh began in 2013. Then, I went into the first tweets and memes that president Xi is compared with the cartoon characters. Especially the physique of the Chinese leader and his face would be the beer doing the thinking. The extensive censuurapparaat of the country soon began the posts to remove it, but the damage was already done. Since then, there were always new prints and collages of Xi and Winnie the Pooh popping up.

Last year was the censorship increased when the words “Winnie the Pooh” of all the Chinese social media were banned. Someone tried the name to use, then got that person a notice stating that such comments are contradicting the Chinese legislation. Eventually the government the ban on the name is lifting, but the images of the bear are still censored. You can in China or even Winnie the Pooh-buy stuff, but only if they are not laughing with the president.

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