Children in horror-complex were trained for ” school shooting’

AMALIA – The eleven children who are badly neglected, were found in an underground complex in the Us state of New Mexico were trained to be with guns, a massacre at a school, a so-called ’school shooting’. That shows, according to news agency AP from court documents.

In the complex were three women and two men arrested.

Details about how the plans will look exactly look like the photographs are still missing. Possible that later on more clearly. One of the arrested men is accused that he has the kids trained in the use of firearms.

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Eleven starving children rescued from underground complex

The authorities did last Friday raided because of a cry for help which would come from the camp. Someone wrote: “We are starving and need food and water.” After the raid, three women and two men arrested.

According to ABC News, there was a complete arsenal of weapons and ammunition found in the camp. The ’house’ was defined as a kind of buried caravan, covered with plastic. There was no running water, no electricity and no sewage system.

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Images of horrorcomplex New Mexico

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