Celebrities demand that Ivanka Trump is more stringent for father

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Some American celebrities have Instagram set up a campaign to Ivanka Trump to demand to be more stringent for the migration policy of her father, Donald Trump.

At the end of July were all children who are on the border between Mexico and the United States were separated from their parents, re-reunited with them. That had an American judge, that the practices of the government-Trump for families to break up, inhumane and unconstitutional called. Nevertheless, more than a week later, still dozens of children ouderloos.

Ivanka Trump, the daughter of the U.s. president, has been a few times to let it show that the crisis is not for her unfeeling leave. At an event in Washington last week called Ivanka, the splitting up of families ” also for me a low point’. “I am very much against the separation of families and the separation of parents and children. That is a very strong sentiment.’

‘Dear Ivanka

But that she has a bad feeling, find various celebrities is not enough. And so, they publish all the same open letter on Instagram, with ‘Dear Ivanka ” as a salutation. These include Amy Schumer, Alexa Chung and Sophia Amoruso. They all have in common is that Ivanka is following them on Instagram.

In the open letter, the celebrities clearly that they are much more than a ‘strong sentiment’ to expect from Ivanka. So they want to under that Ivanka her father, secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, the lane sends out. “Stop with this racist, inhumane and unconscionable abuse”.

It is not the first time that Ivanka Trump via social media are addressed. The same group of celebrities launched last year with Thanksgiving, a similar initiative, because president Trump the protection of young immigrants afvoerde.

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