10 Questions

Bruce Willis should it again are happy to loose on a shoot

Bruce Willis pops your night full on tv, Netflix offers a raw portrait of the singer Nico, and NPO 2 zooms in on the secretary of Joseph Goebbels.

1. NICO, 1988

From today on Netflix

The Italian director Susanna Nicchiarelli paints a picture of the what the infamous aftermath of Nico, the singer of The Velvet Underground. The Danish actress Trine Dyrholm creeps into Nico’s skin. A raw portrait.


VTM. 22.10-00.20 hours

Bruce Willis, then still 28 years younger, saves the world and mankind from a gang of terrorists at the airport during a chilling snowstorm. In this second die hard to stay the action scenes tenenstrekkend blessed.


NPO 2. 22.45-00.10 hours

The German Brunhilde Pomsel was 106 when she in 2017, passed away. She was the secretary of naziminister and war criminal Joseph Goebbels. She is generally regarded as the person closest to him stood up. This documentary zooms in on her unusual life.

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