Breast cancer detected in women Assad, treatment begins the same day

DAMASCUS – The Syrian wife of late Asma al-Assad shows treatment of breast cancer. State news agency SANA has a photo spread in which the 42-year-old through an infusion of something is given, while her husband, Bashar next to her.

The wife of the Syrian leader is smiling in the picture and seems to be in a hospital room to sit. “Asma al-Assad begins work on the first phase of her treatment because of a malignant tumor in the chest,” reports the Syrian government in a statement. “That was earlier today discovered.”

President Bashar al-Assad (right) and his wife Asma al-Assad (left).

The London-born wife of Syrian descent, previously worked as a banker. They married in 2000 with Bashar, the controversial current president of Syria. The civil war in the country over the last years, probably to hundreds of thousands of human lives.

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