Bible study group rushed into Airbnb apartment

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Amsterdam – A man who, his holiday-apartment with three beds through Airbnb, rented, was terrified of an accident when a home bible study group of 25-comers that are no longer wanted.

Mary Numair went out of her plug when it was small Airbnb-apartment suddenly it was enough with 25 guests.

Ben Newman had said ’yes’ against a booking of four people in his small cottage in America. But when he through a security camera in the house saw that there but more and more people inside continued to flow, he got the evil.

His girlfriend Mary Numair immediately began live tweeting about the tsunami of believers. That conversation went viral.

The troubled Ben decided to work directly with the booking agent to call. The American told me that his house is not suitable for a large group, there can be a maximum of six people. “He said: oh sorry, we keep this here as a small bible study and then we go again”.

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But during the bijbelkring were still new people of the house, and saw Ben on his Nest-camera. His girlfriend then tweet: “F***ing MORE PEOPLE SHOW UP. More and more and more.”

Mary and Ben went out of their plug when Airbnb just called with the information that they really verbally said ’yes’ would have at least 25 guests.

This photo of a part of the company put they post online:

Eventually bond the housing agency and gave the Christians a command to go away. Mary and I wanted to make sure that that happened and drove an hour with the car to the house. At half past twelve in the evening found them that no one wanted to get away from the house.

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After a lot of back and forth phone calls and vituperation went for the whole group. Mary then went out of her plug when they discovered that the stock of expensive shampoo was stolen.

The American couple is furious at Airbnb. According to them, the organisation wanted to really put pressure on the group when it turned out they video and so evidence had of the crowded house.

Finally they have their money back, including a fee for the gepikte toiletries. Airbnb booked for $ 700. An amount that Mary can live.

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