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Altcoin-ECHO: It goes more steeply downhill, XRP and Litecoin with low for the year

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Many crypto-currencies are not available this Wednesday morning for the first time in months. Among the Top 10 crypto-currencies, XRP, Litecoin and Cardano fall in a low for the year, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash come close to this at least. A real winner is not found in this bear market, the Bitcoin is in the day-to-Day as the smallest loser.

Not only is the weather map at the end of the day look colors these days by and by in red – the daily and weekly charts of the crypto-currencies. The courses overthrow of a number of Coins out of the Top 10 and, in addition to the lowest points for a number of months, sometimes of the entire year. The bandwidth of the 24-hour-Charts range is currently from -7.7 percent (Bitcoin) to -15.2 percent (XRP). Up on Bitcoin and Stellar (9.2 percent) are all Top-10 courses in the two-digit minus range.

Looking at the development of the whole of last week, then the price movements look even more dramatic. There Ethereum is because with -12 percent at best, XRP, Bitcoin, Cash, and Stellar move for the 20-percent mark. IOTA fell in the past seven days, by a whopping 27 per cent – a larger loss suffered in the Top 30 is not a Coin.

Two-year lows, three close games

Had on 7. August is already the IOTA-rate reached its low for the year, after pulling a few of the other Top 10 Coins. The XRP price will fall to $ 0.35 and provides the previous low point in 2018. Even worse, it hits Litecoin, the price of which goes on for months continuously down. A Litecoin price of 66 US dollars all proceeds this year is Unprecedented, and throws the Coin back to the level of November.

Three other Top 10 Coins over scratches on a provisional basis to the new low mark. The Ether-price falls to US $ 370. The lowest point of the year was reached on 1. April (363 US dollars). Also Bitcoin Cash comes close to the low for the year and falls to 607 dollars. This means that the price is still four US-dollars above the year low of 6. April (603 US dollars). Cardano scratch the previous low mark of 26. June (0,115 US dollars) and comes on 0,117 US Dollar.

The total market capitalization of crypto-currencies fall to 230 billion U.S. dollars – is also an absolute low value for the year 2018. If you would like to make a winner of the day, it would be curiously Bitcoin. So the price of Bitcoin, so as an example for the crypto-market is lost, in comparison at least, its relative value to other Coins increases. The Stablecoin Tether, by binding to the US Dollar fluctuations unaffected, is now in ninth place – this is also a result of the mad market. The stamps, which were issued in the last rate analysis of the Top 3, could be held.

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