Also the pope will meet with the G-spot of Europe’

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In a new ad campaign crowns the city of Vilnius to the G-spot of Europe. “No one knows where it is, but once you find it, it is amazing, it sounds. The campaign of the capital city of Lithuania does eyebrows frown. And then, should the Pope come to visit.

The campagneposter leaves little to the imagination. A woman clinging to a sheet printed with a map of Europe. In her ecstasy, she keeps the place, where Vilnius is located firmly in her fist. ‘Vilnius, the G-Spot of Europe’, reads the poster there. The crux of the issue? “No one knows where it is, but once you find it, it’s awesome.’

With the campaign attracts Lithuania not only the attention of tourists -as expected-, but also that of the Catholic Church. That is not set up the campaign a month before the visit of pope Francis to Lithuania is launched. Local priests regret that the sexuality of women used for advertising purposes and that the city of ‘wrong ideas’ about their country spreads.

Also the prime minister of Lithuania Saulius Skvernelis responded to the brouhaha. ‘In a democratic country, this must be’, he told the public broadcaster LRT. “But the timing is, to put it mildly special.” He refers, however, to the responsibility of the city to its marketing, and the visit to match.

Who the campaign is somewhat of a student would appear, has a point. Two students came up with the slogan as part of a job in their marketing education. Their provocative poster was appreciated by the tourism department Vilnius, that the idea of them overkochten. Tomorrow, the campaign officially proposed.

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