Alleged drug lord (85) arrested in Spain

c3383e153d0c703b3e1ce0ecf2b0ce49 - Alleged drug lord (85) arrested in Spain

MADRID – The Spanish authorities have the alleged drug lord Manuel Charlín (85) held. The police arrested during a major operation against drug trafficking in Galicia also the son of Charlín and sixteen other suspects. Also in other areas would be suspects are arrested.

Manuel Charlin on archival footage.

Manuel Charlín state according to the authorities already for many years at the head of the misdaadclan ’Los Charlínes’. That organization smuggled on a large scale narcotics to Europe. Charlín was already behind bars due to cocaïnesmokkel from Colombia and since 2010 on free feet. The aged patriarch is now fixed.

The police did Wednesday raided a villa that was used by the gang in Pontevedra, message, the local newspaper La Voz de Galicia. Several members of the organization, previous to gevangenissenstraffen convicted of drug trafficking and money laundering.

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