Again great drugsvangst in port of Antwerp

bd8433a14b0f3b69bf8b153dcbb2903a - Again great drugsvangst in port of Antwerp

ANTWERP – The Belgian customs has again a large drugsvangst done in the port of Antwerp. In a controleactie was 1561 kg of cocaine intercepted, reports the ministry of Finance. Friday was all 1727 kg of cocaine were seized.

The new drugslading was hidden in a container with logs coming from Colombia and has a street value of more than € 75 million. Friday went to a container with bananas from Ecuador, which was unloaded in the port of antwerp. These drugs have an estimated street value of more than 80 million euros.

According to the EU drugs (EMCDDA) does the availability of cocaine in the European Union. Cocaine is more often via northern ports smuggled in. According to the agency, the Belgian ports, it is becoming increasingly important. Almost half of all cocaine seizures in Europe, where it is done.

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