Academy performs new Oscar in for best popular film

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There is an Oscar for the best popular film. That the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which awards awards, on Wednesday declared. It is according to Vanity Fair the first time since 2001 that there is a new Oscar category was announced, when the category “best animated film” at the list of achievements was added.

According to the showbizzwebsite is the new category that was announced is a sign that the elitist organization re-search has gone to ways to movies created by cinemabezoekers be viewed, to reward. And so will the Academy more viewers to attract for the award ceremony, what it sounds like. The new category also helps against the accusations that the Academy no affinity more with the popular culture.
Vanity Fair assumes that the wildly popular superheldenfilm “Black Panther” has played a role in the introduction of the new category. Disney has also set up a campaign to get the film in non-technical categories for Oscar to be eligible. “If this new category is already in 2019 is entered, it seems Black Panther is a certainty (as Mamma Mia! 2 there is no stick for sticks), what the Academy is a opportunity to give recognition to one of the films with the greatest cultural impact of the year”, sounds the.
On Twitter is not all responded positively to the news. Critics call the decision “lazy” and “clumsy”, and fear that movies like “Black Panther” and “Mission Impossible” now no more will be eligible for the most prestigious category of best film.
The Academy announced that in addition to the new Oscar category, two other novelties. So will the live broadcast of the Oscars will be shortened to 3 hours, and the awards will be in 2020 to be issued on 9 February, while the ceremony traditionally at the end of February is taking place. “We are committed to an entertaining show to produce in three hours of time, what the Oscars for the viewers worldwide more accessible”, says the Academy over the shorter of the show in a letter to his members. “To the 24 categories to be treated, we will live awards during the reclameonderbrekingen. The winning moments will come later in the broadcast.”
The Oscar ceremony of 2019 will take place on February 23.

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