A Bollywood version of “Everybody’s Famous’ in Belgium in the halls

0cbb594deccb325379d6e4bdceea5890 - A Bollywood version of "Everybody's Famous' in Belgium in the halls

‘Fanney Khan’, the Bollywood remake of the Belgian film ‘iedereen Beroemd’ plays with us in the halls of Kinepolis. The Flemish director Dominique Deruddere was not involved in the project.

Kinepolis program to be more films for specific target groups, such as Russian, Polish or Turkish Belgians. It is therefore not strange that ‘Fanney Khan’ also with us in the halls appears.

The film brings in big lines the same story as the Flemish version. A 17-year-old singer wants to be a pop star, but harvest little success in soundmixwedstrijden. When her father is fired, he becomes obsessed by the career of his daughter, and he invents the story of a far-reaching plan to make his daughter famous. Nevertheless, it focuses the remake earlier on the singer who is kidnapped on the drama of the chubby girl that tries to make it in the music.

The role of the father in the remake to Anil Kapoor, one of the biggest stars of the Indian film industry. For the role of his daughter, chose the creators for an unknown talent. The female singer is played by the superstar and former Miss World Aishwarya Rai.

‘Everyone is Famous’ from director Dominique Deruddere came out in 2000 and was nominated for an Oscar. Deruddere was not involved in the remake.

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