Wrong gsm-number provides Stefaan Degand sweet

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It is by now two years ago that actor Stefaan Degand through hell: his wife died of a bacterial meningitis. As if that wasn’t enough drama, died of their unborn baby Bo. Although Degand long time was lonely, he decided to go on with his life, that tells the actor this week in Humo. “QToen Julie had died, I had two choices: with the curtains closed in an absolute loneliness, life, or action. I have for the second chosen. I try to be a lot of fun things to do. Frequently is that pretend, eh. Often I feel genuinely lonely, especially in large groups. But I oppose the loneliness, because they are not good for me.”

Stefaan Degand tried in the past, the love, lend a hand. “I’ve been for the joke the Tinder installed with a comrade. We are now two years further and he is now married with a Tinder date. They’ve put together even a pair of twins in the world. “I personally have the Tinder is never used. I even have the Messenger app of my mobile phone is thrown, because I have messages as: “I am a single woman and understand your situation, I am also my husband lost. We can meet for something to drink?’ I have no sense in it. Life exists by chance: happen – páts! – find someone.”

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