West Hollywood requires a star of Donald Trump on the Walk of Fame remove

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The city council of West Hollywood unanimously approved a resolution in which she asks to be the star on the Walk of Fame president Donald Trump to remove. That report different American media. Trump got a star in 2007 for the organization of the Miss America contest, but the tribute was a few times destroyed by opponents of the president.

The resolution asks the city council of the city of Los Angeles and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to the star to remove it because of Trumps “disturbing treatment of women and other actions that do not correspond with the shared values of the city of West Hollywood, the region, the state and the country,” according to CBS News.

In the text, which was submitted by burgmeester John D’amico and council member Lindsey Horvath, be also several other reasons cited to the star to remove it. The Trumps views on climate change, its policy for children of illegal immigrants of their parents ‘ divorce, his treatment of transgender and the way in which he deals with the investigation of the Russian interference in the elections of 2016.

It is not clear what impact such a resolution may have. In the past, rejected the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, however, had the question to the star of Bill Cosby by numerous women are accused of sexual abuses, to remove. Reason was the fact that the star is a historic monument, and that there are no stars removed due to public opposition.

The star of Trump was in the past already several times been vandalized, and even twice, completely destroyed. At the end of July still used a man to take a pickaxe to the star to destroy it. Yesterday was a 24-year-old man in suspicion of vandalism. And also in the middle of the election campaign, at the end of October 2016, was the star destroyed. There was also a wall around the star were built (in response to Trumps plan to have a wall to build on the Mexican border), and the stone was marred by a swastika and stickers about racism.

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