Tumour found thanks to collision

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Dilsen-Stokkum – Adriano owes his life to a serious accident. In the hospital they discovered a large tumor in his head.

“If this hadn’t happened, I had only three months to life”, says the Belgian Adriano Sposito from Dilsen-Stokkum against The Newspaper.

On Facebook, he now has a call put that is now a thousand times is shared. Adriano wants the man to find him immediately after the blow from the wreck freed and made sure that he quickly in the hospital, the townspeople.

The Belgian collided July 25 with his car on a vehicle in front of you. He was in bad shape, but a passer-by freed him from his car and called the ambulance.

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In the hospital, it soon became clear that more was going on with the Belgian. When a scan was diagnosed with a brain tumor at him determined.

“A blessing in disguise,” says Adriano. “I walked around with a ticking time bomb without knowing it, they told me in the hospital. I have a second chance thanks to the man who me out of the car rescued.”

The tumor is removed and the Observer is working on his recovery.

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