This autumn on Canvas: For the Men

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In the three-part documentary For the men talks Xavier Taveirne with the first generations of men who are in Flanders dared to be out as gay.

It is a gripping and often startling series of stories about love, struggle and pain, and the taboo of being gay in less tolerant times.

Starting Tuesday, september 4, at 21.15 h. on Canvas.

Xavier Taveirne, VRT-journalist and himself gay, has even doubted whether he this program had to make, because he sees his orientation is not the determining factor for his identity. And he does not need to feel like gay stuff. But Xavier finally realized just who pioneers the for him today easily unconditionally to be themselves.

“I’m almost mandatory to the generation of gays before me. For them what the world looked 50 years ago is completely different. They had the courage to move on and not way to stop it, and to fight against the rock-hard prejudices in their environment. For one, it had been somewhat easier than for the other. Their stories are important. And therefore, I must let them hear.”

Xavier Taveirne
In the three episodes tell older gay uncensored their story. Important stories, and often talks in which they learn how to solve current issues is not the way to go.

Episode 1: 1940-1970
“They had them all shot.”
(witness Roger Van Loon cites his father)
In the first episode, the gay’s the word that grew up in the catholic Flanders after the war. Sex was taboo, and while homosexuality was mentioned, then people talked about ‘jeanetten’. Also the church was very repressive.

Xavier looking for Paul Rademaekers, 98 years and in the meantime, who were still angry when he’s at those times remember: “I have always said: homosexuality is not a sexual problem, but a social problem. I am with difficult cards at the start come. But even with the difficult cards you should try as much as possible to assets to create. My strengths were that I was always devoted to others, especially for gays.”

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