The Augustusoorlog ettert continue

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MOSCOW – Ten years after the five-day war between Georgia and Russia, which this week is being commemorated, prime minister Dmitri Medvedev, the West let know that Moscow is a NATO-membership of Georgia will be perceived as a provocation that could lead to ’a gruesome conflict.

The flag hangs at half mast over the presidential palace in Tbilisi.

The ’Augustusoorlog’ between Moscow and Tbilisi broke loose when the president Mikhail saakashvili of Georgia, without success, tried the enclave of South Ossetia, which are rather under Russian protection unilaterally had separated, with a military action to conquer it. Moscow went there immediately with a straight leg military, and threatened even to advance to the capital Tbilisi, then at the last moment it was decided to international mediation.

Also, the other breakaway enclave, Abkhazia, was involved in the conflict in which many hundreds dead and injured. Among them was the Dutch cameraman Stan Storimans, RTL to the war zone, had travelled, and on August 12, 2008 in the town of Gori by a cluster bomb was killed.

The two disputed Georgian enclaves are since de facto under the control of Moscow, though they present themselves as independent states, except by Russia, by only a handful of countries to be recognised. Now is Saakasjvili, married the Dutch Sandra Roelofs, Georgia in absentia to three years in prison convicted of abuse of office. After a stranded political adventure in Ukraine, he was in a Dutch visa.

“There is an unresolved territorial conflict, and then one wants to such country is in a military alliance?”, asks Medvedev in the Russian media. “They will understand the possible consequences? It can be a horrible conflict provoking.” Medvedev was, at the time of the five-day campaign president, but in fact it was the direction in the flash being waged by Vladimir Putin. The conflict is considered as a turning point for the foreign policy of Moscow since the end of the USSR in 1991.


Medvedev repeated this week that Saakasjvili was ’criminal’ has occurred, and is fully let to pack by the ’Russofobe’ forces in the West. Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, as NATO chief, had earlier explicitly let you know that Georgia and Ukraine in the waiting room were for the eventual membership of NATO. This, much to the frustration of Putin, which both countries consider as its own geopolitical backyard.

Shortly before had Putin during a speech at a veiligheidsconferentie in Munich to let you know that the American politics ’unipolar’ political and military expansion to the east for him was unacceptable.

The Atlantic alliance still looks to the objections of Putin to wipe away and has recently to the current Georgian prime minister, Mamoeka Bachtadzena, let them know that NATO membership is still real. And at this moment there is a joint military exercise, in which Several hundred soldiers from eight NATO countries, together with 1300 the Georgian soldiers training.

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