‘Temptation-Tim is going to Flanders to learn to flirt

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There is no end to the mediafenomeen Tim Wauters, better known as ” Temptation Tim. He will soon start his own flirtcursus.

After his participation in the program gave Tim all of a course together with the Flemish seksuologe Kaat Bollen. Due to its large success, the two decided to keep going. In the magazine Story tells the from aalst playboy that he and Kaat an interactive flirtcursus. “We have worked already a given, at the request of a student club. There is so many people attended that we have a sequel to that success, like knitting.”

Tim let us know that his popularity with the women after his participation in the program is very increased. “Through my participation come the girls spontaneously to me. I wonder, however, whether these genuinely interested, or that it is because I am on tv.” His experiences he will now try to convey in a course. When the course starts, it is unfortunately not yet clear.

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