Survivors of the earthquake Lombok saved

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JAKARTA – Rescuers take two days after the earthquake on Lombok are still survivors. They took, among others, a man from the rubble of a mosque. Also, a woman could after a long rescue operation of a collapsed shop be saved. Local residents had to raise the alarm when she is the victim for help, heard the call.

The Indonesian authorities hope for more survivors to rescue, but also expect that the death toll will continue to rise. The earthquake of 6.9 has to sure 98 human lives. At least 236 people were injured. Also the damage is huge: more than 20,000 residents were forced to leave their damaged or collapsed houses left.

Many tourists try in the meantime to leave the island. She stepped out Tuesday on ferries to the nearby island of Bali. After the earthquake of Sunday followed certainly 230 aftershocks, reports the Indonesian agency for meteorology, climatology and geophysics (BMKG). Lombok island was on July 29, even though affected by an earthquake. That natural forces took to sure 17 people life.

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