Stamp with three children gives the Chinese people hope

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BEIJING – The hearts of Chinese people with a desire to have children are this week’s slightly faster beat. And that is a nieuwjaarszegel. From the picture, are wearing them the hope that they may be more children should get, report The Times and the Wall Street Journal.

On February 5, next year begins the Year of the Pig. To celebrate this, let the Chinese staatspostbedrijf special stamps, which this week revealed. On one of them is a happy varkensgezinnetje to see: father, mother and three piglets.

According to the designer of the stamp, it is only a matter of appearance: three little pigs stand better on the plate than two. With politics, it has, according to him, nothing to do. But the Chinese-American scholar Yi Fuxian does not believe so.

“The stamp is the national business card. It shows the policy of the country. Two adult pigs, three little pigs, a clear sign of a new phase for the Chinese geboortebeleid. They want births do not restrict, but rather encourage you.”


China had been a éénkindpolitiek. To overcrowding to go were parents of one child. Those who had children, risked a fine. That led to aging: because there are fewer children were born, there were proportionally more older people.

The children, who in the world came, had to eventually care for them. In addition, daughters are often aborted, so China is now becoming a mannenoverschot. Therefore, the policy little by little relaxed.

In 2016 got China on a tweekindpolitiek. A year earlier, China had a special nieuwjaarszegel with two baby-monkeys for the Year of the Monkey. According to some, was that a disguised message, and in particular, they hope that the varkenszegel is the beginning of a new reform.

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