Spanish fighter jet fires accidentally hit

9a01ae4db22d1338ac4d30b9ab78823e - Spanish fighter jet fires accidentally hit

SIAULIAO – A Spanish fighter has Tuesday during a oefenmissie above Estonia accidentally luchtdoelraket fired. According to the newspaper El Pais, the projectile no damage. There is an investigation into the cause.

A Eurofighter on archive view.

The Estonian ministry of Defence says that it is a type that is normally in this kind of situations are automatically destroyed. Nevertheless, helicopters were sent out to the rocket to detect for the case that has not been exploded. The population around a closed area north of Tartu is recommended from a close, and the discovery of possible debris immediately.

The Eurofighter of the Spanish air force is stationed at a base in Siauliai in Lithuania. At the Baltic exercise did yet another Spanish fighter, and two French Mirages.

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