Spanish army fires by mistake rocket over Estonia

A Spanish Nato fighter aircraft has by mistake a air missile over Estonia fired. The Estonian army is a large-scale search started.

The armed forces of the Baltic EU and Nato member states indicated that the Eurofighter the sharp projectile of the type Amraam Tuesday afternoons inadvertently in the environment of the South-Estonian town of Otepää was launched. The rocket is tracked by helicopters.

A research should be the cause of the incident is clear. The Spanish air force protects currently as a Nato ally from the Lithuanian base Siauliai in the airspace above the Baltic states.

According to the army, the missile with a range of 100 kilometers, a built-in zelfvernietigingsmechanisme. However, it is not excluded that the projectile is on the ground landed.

The rocket is in accordance with the Estonian chief of the air force Riivo Valge with five to ten kilograms of explosives loaded. In comparison with a bomb has the destructive power of the missile is not very high, ” he said on the Estonian radio.

The adjacent to Russia and Nato countries, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania do not have their own fighter aircraft. Therefore the allies in the margin of the Nato Air Policing Baltikum since 2004 the protection of the Baltic airspace for their account. Such an incident like Tuesday never happened, said Valge.

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