Shaman loved child of fifteen years

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JAKARTA – The Indonesian police has a young woman being rescued fifteen years is abused by a naturopath. The now 83-year-old man pulled the victim about having sex with him by claiming that he was possessed by the spirit of a young boy, say the authorities.


Agents found the 28-year-old victim after a tip in the jungle near a village in Central-Celebes. They stayed there in a small cave. A villager told the newspaper Jakarta Post that the woman apparently didn’t dare to flee because they are “brainwashed” by the influential shaman. He would have her convinced that a spirit is the cave guarded.

The shaman would be the parents of the child have what they convinced that their daughter had left to look for work. The older sister of the girl, who was married to the son of the shaman, would have been aware. The case came when a neighbour heard her talk about the kidnapping.

The authorities suspect the shaman of child abuse. He can be up to fifteen years in prison.

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