Release date movie about Notorious B. I. G. with Johnny Depp withdrawn

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“City of Lies”, the film about the murder of rapper Notorious B. I. G. with Johnny Depp and Forest Whitaker, is still not out on 7 september. The film is the release schedule for the autumn pulled.

The movie had released on the 46th anniversary of the rapper, who lost his life in a drive-by shooting in Los Angeles in 1997. Depp’s new film, directed by Brad Furman, describes the investigation of his murder. In the film, played Depp detective Russell Poole, who was head of the investigation into the death of the rapper.

It is not known why the film was withdrawn, but the news comes less than a month after a location manager in the film star accuses of abuse. The actor would be on the film set of “City of Lies” employee Gregg Brooks a few times in the ribs have punched as a result of a quarrel.

The 55-year-old hollywood actor did too long about the filming at a certain place and if locatiescout had Brooks him to the order of call. Bodyguards had to intervene. Brooks had to know after the event that he alcohol was smelled in Depps breath.

The locatiescout was to say that three days after the incident, fired on the set because he did not want to waive his right to Johnny Depp to complain. The film’s director, Brad Furman, qualifies the facts and says that Depp normally, the crew still good deals.

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