Reddingsschip with 87 migrants to Spain

4d1dc3166949b0f3828cb1679cafe48d - Reddingsschip with 87 migrants to Spain

MADRID – A reddingsschip of aid organization Proactiva having on board 87 migrants set sail towards Spain. The Spanish reddingsorganisatie reported that in the night of Monday on Sunday on Twitter.

Migrants on board The Spanish reddingsschip Proactiva in the port of Barcelona.

The reddingsschip Open Arms sail on the Mediterranean Sea. According to Proactiva should the ship dock in the port of Algeciras in the south east of Spain. It takes a few days before the vessel arrives. The migrants last week at sea rescued.

Ships of Proactiva have recently been two times in Spain moored. Other mediterranean countries such as Malta and Italy, want their ports no longer open to such private reddingsschepen.

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