Noa Neal chooses name for baby

359555f90c8cec4309fb6c0c84868b98 - Noa Neal chooses name for baby

Noa Neal’s been a while happy together with her friend Dominic. The singer and presenter brought a while ago the single “Castles in the sand”, a song about the liefdesbreuk with Frank Molnar. They had wedding plans but came to an end the engagement in marriage but not their friendship. Noa and Frank are still working together. Noa is doing this week a memorable quote in the Story: “My friend and I have already made a name for a baby”. Small detail: the Noa is still not pregnant. “My friend and I are talking today on regular basis. We even agreed on a name, but children are not immediately”, it sounds. Noa and Dominic still live not together: he lives and works in Amsterdam and so commutes Noa regularly between Antwerp and Amsterdam.

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