No second child for Lindsay

ed6b9101359196e041cd0b3a2ca79cf5 - No second child for Lindsay

This Saturday is celebrating Her her 40th birthday and that will be at the house of Flowers-The Bolle is not just passing through. The singer is a really familiemens and her birthday, without a doubt, with her family to celebrate. Since her previous birthday, the life of Lindsay seriously changed because it is her first birthday as a mom. In the autumn of 2017 was Lindsay for the first time, mommy and also for the last time. Long time, Lindsay and her husband Kris questioned whether or not there is a second child would come. Meanwhile, it is the decision of the cases: there is no second child. That tells the singer this week in the Story. “Kris and I have since the last time a lot talked about and thought about. My heart said yes but my mind “no”. And I go my mind will follow. So We have decided to have one child”, we read in the Story.

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