Man puts lievelingskameel to purchase to service to buy

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ISTANBUL – Turks are currently working hard in the military service. The government decided at the end of July for a certain group to make it possible that to buy. The amendment of the law 3 August, came into force, men who, before 1 January 1994 are born to the occasion against a fee of 15,000 lira (over 2500 euros) from the army to stay. However, they must have a basic training of three weeks to follow.

According to the state news agency Anadolu have in the past days, 200,000 candidates are reported to make use of this scheme. For financing they are willing to sell everything, from houses and cars to cattle. A man from the Anatolian province of Çorum offered on the internet the six-year-old Çan for 3300 euro. ,,It is my lievelingskameel, but I have cash to dienstplichtkwestie to deal with.”

Normally all healthy Turkish men from eighteen years ‘standing up for their number to at least twelve months as a military life. Replacement, social conscription does not exist. Delay because of of study is possible.

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