Long prison sentences for German couple that son to pedophiles sold on the Darknet

A court in the German Freiburg has a mother and her partner Tuesday to years of prison sentences for convicted. The today, 10 year-old son of the woman was more than two years is frequently abused and raped.

Moreover, the offered the couple the boy on the so-called ‘Darknet’, a protected part of the internet that only with special software to discover, for rape, and he was to paedophiles sold.

The 48-year-old mother for 12 years and 6 months in the cell. Her 39-year-old companion received a 12 years, followed by tbs. As a result, the man after serving his term of imprisonment is not free.

The two convicts to the boy and another victim, a small girl, a total of 42.500 euro smartgeld pay.

In the case were paedophiles also for the court to justify that. They were also given long prison sentences followed by tbs.

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