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“Let Michael Schumacher his life in peace continue to lead”

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FIA boss Jean Todt to let you know that it is time to Michael Schumacher his life in peace continue to guide you.

Since his skiing accident in 2013 is the health of Michael Schumacher, a well-kept secret. First there were rumors that it would be better with him, and it was later whispered that the downhill went.

The attached champion is cared for in his home in Switzerland and only a handful of people know the details of the condition of Schumacher.

One of them is the FIA president Jean Todt, one of the best friends Schumacher. There is going to be to own also say not a day goes by that there is no one to inform them as to how it is with the German. Todt to visit his friend a few times a year, and he remains close friends with the family.

In a lecture that Todt gave in his capacity as FIA president, he told ‘La Nacion’ that “Schumacher is surrounded by his family.”

“I feel honored that I arranged a visit may bring,” said Todt. “But his health is a private matter. I think the best is that we Michael his life in peace be led.”

He stressed that last sentence one more time, what the Frenchman is exactly referred to with the conscious sense, time will tell…

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