‘Largest fire ever’ hits California

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In the north of the state of California, two fires met, which in the west is now the largest forest fire ever rages. That have the authorities reported.

The two fires, which, together ‘the fire of the Mendocino Complex’, have been an area of 114.850 acres destroyed, which corresponds to the size of the city of Los Angeles. The fire is only 30 percent under control, according to the prevention services in California (Cal Fire).

‘Today a high pressure system made for warmer weather, drought and fierce winds in the region’, said Cal Fire in a news release. “Tonight, hope the fire services to make use of the cooler weather for a greater part of the fire under control.’

In 2017 destroyed the fire Thomas 114.078 acres, but the fire of the Mendocino Complex is now already bigger.

Over 1,400 firefighters

In the region rage currently burning. So has the fire Carr already has more than 1,600 buildings destroyed, and led to the death of seven people. According to Cal Fire was the fire on Monday but for 45 per cent under control. The Ferguson fire, which led to the partial closure of Yosemite National Park, is 38 percent under control.

More than 1,400 firefighters fighting the various fires in California. According to a responsible of the bosdepartement of the state, the fires extremely fast, extremely aggressive and extremely dangerous’.

The American president Donald Trump has on Monday (local time) as a result of the fires is still out at the environmental laws that are in force. “The forest fires in California are larger and many become worse by the bad laws that do not allow for water that is already available, in a reliable way. It is led out to the Pacific Ocean. We also need trees to remove, to stop the fire spreads!’

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