Kamal Kharmach to a psychologist

e9e0819ab0905cd993fa297d80722e61 - Kamal Kharmach to a psychologist

Kamal Kharmach was thanks to his participation to The Smartest Man In the World a reputation in Flanders. Since then a lot has changed in the life of the comedian. Kamal lost earlier but less than 130 pounds, but there is now a suit came in. If you meet him, it seems to go well with Kamal. Earlier he told Radio 1 that he is too proud to admit that it’s not so good with him. Ever lost Kamal 130 kilograms, but the balance is going in the wrong direction. Meanwhile, there is already about 30 kilos have been added, something that the specialist him for warned when Kamal a gastric-bypass (read gastric) left to run. The pounds flew off, and Kamal was almost unrecognizable. This week is Kamal a guest in Plage Préférée on Radio 2 and he makes a long walk on the beach with Kim Debrie which he has given his heart and soul to open itself up. And there is one and the other one in for Kamal feels best in his skin. That we read this week in All.

“The only thing that I, as a child, my compliments for got, were my good points at school. And my entrepreneurial spirit! And that I still have. I can’t sit still,” says the comedian. “I’m a perfectionist. I want to be everything and do everything. And that is also as perfect as possible. I am rarely satisfied. That creates a lot of pressure, and that pressure I incorporate anywhere else the reins to let loose. In this case, in my eating. In six months time, once again there is 30 kilos of weight. I am a real emo-eater.”

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