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JPMorgan chief Jamie Dimon, renewed his statements on Bitcoin and the Blockchain

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Jamie Dimon, the CEO of the world’s largest investment Bank, JPMorgan, currencies once again to Crypto and the Blockchain technology expressed. This Time, his statements about the crypto-currency Bitcoin are again sharper, the Blockchain wool, however, the benefit of JPMorgan also continue to be strengthened. After a somewhat longer silence, the Bank chief is now back in the Crypto headlines.

On 4. August spoke JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon on the 25. Summer-Gala-Celebration of the Aspen Institute. In his speech, it was primarily to the income, the expectations of American investors in the next few years on the stock market. Thanks to the current economic upswing by more than four percent of GDP can be expected, according to Dimon for a 10-year bond with a yield of four to five percent.

Dimon: Bitcoin is a Scam

As the news portal Bloomberg reported, mentioned Dimon in his speech on the subject of Bitcoin. In relation to his statements in the past year, as he had referred to Bitcoin as a Fraud (fraud), Dimon-in his point of view. So he calls the Bitcoin a Scam, and claims to have no interest in the crypto-currency. He even went so far that he demanded of the governments to ban crypto-currencies.

It is the first Time since the end of last year, the JPMorgan CEO expresses to the public about Bitcoin. Shortly before his temporary vow of silence he had insisted to regret his harsh words about Bitcoin and want to on the subject of not judging. To what extent was due to his renewed critique of the euphoria of the event, is not quite clear.

Blockchain still interesting for JPMorgan

Other sounds, Dimon struck at the beginning of the week in the Harvard Business Review. On the question of how he sees crypto-currencies, he replied:

I should probably talk about crypto currency. But it’s not the same as Gold or Fiat currencies. These are lawmakers who supported the police and the courts.

The Blockchain, however, he praises as an innovative technology:

Blockchain, however, is real. We (JPMorgan) to test it and use it for a whole lot of things.

Blockchain hui, Bitcoin Pooh – with this simple solution, it has been Jamie Dimon so cozy.

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