Jennifer Lopez plays a stripper in film based true story

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The American singer Jennifer Lopez gets a starring role in “Hustlers at Scores”, a film about a group of former strippers who have a plan to devise in order to steal money from their rich clients. The film is an adaptation of the eponymous article from 2015 there will be the large-scale theft appeared in New York Magazine, says The Hollywood Reporter.

The 49-year-old Lopez plays the leader of the group of women. The story takes place in New York, at the time of the financial crisis. “Men are often told they are worth so much as the size of their bank account. Women are judged on the symmetry of their face, their bodies, their beauty, and that is where this film is based,” says Lorene Scafaria, the film, will be directing. “The rules in the strip club are actually applicable to the whole world.”

“There is no other actor that this raw and dynamic character with so much complexity, humanity, and intelligence can play,” says the director about the lead actress Lopez, who previously had large roles played in “Maid in Manhattan” and “The Cell”. It is her first roll of film since 2015, when she has the leading role in “Lila & Eve”.

It is not yet known when the film was released.

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