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IOTA-rate falls to year low – Sirin Labs behind it?

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In the past 24 hours the IOTA is like course of more than 18 percent. In the meantime, the Coin was at the lowest level of the entire previous year. The downward trend could be directly related to me, together with the Bounce of Sirin Labs. The Start-up has announced last week, namely, to want to in the future prefer to use Ethereum to work together.

The IOTA course loses from Monday to Tuesday, about 18 percentage points, and falls of 0.87 US Dollar on late Monday evening to 0.74 US dollars early Tuesday morning. The IOTA course, was at a low for the year 2018 – the last Time he was in November, 2017, in the 0.75-US-Dollar-brand. In the meantime, the share price recovered slightly and is at lunch time at about 0.78 US Dollar.

The entire crypto market is losing at the present day, the 7. August, capital, however, the prices are tumbling at the other crypto currencies rather minimal. The 24-hour move-growth of the Top 10 curves between the zero point (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin to Cash) and -4 (XRP). An outlier Ethereum Classic that is currently being pushed by the looming listings in Robinhood and Coinbase to the top.

Sirin-Labs-announcement as a mood killer

That IOTA is so above average, not just with the market trend. Rather, the crash with the Start-up Sirin Labs seems to be related. The Start-up, primarily known for the development of the first Blockchain-Smartphones FINNEY, announced in the last week, the partnership with IOTA. Initially, the plan was to use the Tangle for the FINNEY-Phone. In the future, you wanted to work with Ethereum.

As Moshe Hogeg, the Sirin-Labs-CEO, to log, did you look at the IOTA and against the collaboration decided. Provisionally you want to set up on Ethereum. Then you want to dump the Sirin-Labs-Ecosystem, together with the SRN-Token on a Blockchain. For IOTA, this turn is a slap in the face is to you to understand more or less bluntly, that the Tangle for the Blockchain-the project is trustworthy enough.

It is also interesting that the IOTA course suffers from the announcement, the Ether-course, in turn, will hardly Benefit from it. This illustrates both the importance of both platforms for the crypto-Ecosystem, as well as the strategic direction of the Foundations. Ethereum is first and foremost a platform for decentralized applications, is already used hundreds of times, needs a IOTA of strong partnerships. This reflects, among other things, in the strong involvement in the German automotive industry.

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