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Indication Of the Variation of the: defending champion throws after four trials in the towel on european CHAMPIONSHIPS decathlon

Thomas of the Variation specified at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in athletics. After four trials gives our countryman decided to stop working on the decathlon.

Of the Variation will be later sat night (21: 00) no more in action in the 400m of the decathlon at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS of athletics in Berlin. Of the Variation of the was seventeenth after the high jump, the fourth trial of the day. The 27-year-old Ghent was a discomfort in the foot.

The defending champion Of the Variation had a very poor start of his decathlon Tuesday. He was 11.48 27th and the second-to-last in the 100 metres. Afterwards recovered himself, despite his painful foot, slightly with a tenth place in the long jump. In the shot put was Of the Variation of the 23rd. The high jump, the last test that he finished, he ended fourth with a jump over 2m05.

In 2016 crowning Of the Variation in Amsterdam, the netherlands European champions.

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