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Hooray, eight medals! However, the Netherlands does of course much better

25877b76431f51a1a3f84a37fdfa402b - Hooray, eight medals! However, the Netherlands does of course much better

With the silver for Nicky Degrendele in the keirin, our country already eight medals in the cabinet. But is that good or bad, on a large and especially new sporting event as the European championships?

Gold and silver for gymnast Nina Derwael. Gold for Robbe Ghys and Kenny De Ketele on the velodrome. Earlier today, surprising bronze for mountainbikester Simplon Michiels. And now also silver for Nicky Degrendele in the keirin.

There was already regulated good news to pick up for our country at the European championships. In total we have eight medals at their home race collected: two times gold, three times silver and three bronze. But how well we do it compared with other countries? That is intuition less easy to assess, because it is the first time that so many sports disciplines in their European championships together in one event.

A look at the medaillestand provides an indication. Of the 53 countries that are participants to the city of Glasgow/Berlin, there are ten of us in the ranking. That means in the first instance, take into account the number of gold medals. Hungary, for example, picked up five medals, but because three of the oppergaai were, the country of Viktor Orbán for us in the ranking.

And the Dutch?

On the Olympic (Winter)Games to Belgian sports enthusiasts generally, gritting his teeth and see how the Dutch people always do much better, while that ratio is still not as much as more residents have. And yes, at these championships is the back of that. The netherlands is at the time of this writing the fifth, and picked up all seven times gold. Five of them received Orange on the velodrome, another was for olympic gymnast Sanne Wevers on balance beam. Marianne Vos won silver in the road race of cycling.

In total achieved our neighbors all 21 medals, more than the double, therefore, of our country. And then skating, not even on the program.

Of the ‘big’ countries, Spain is the disappointment. It must make do with four bronze, three in synchronised swimming and the one in the walk, also not determined the koninginnennummer in athletics.

Synchroonzwemland Russia

The large slokop is Russia. That holds all eighteen time gold, that is just the double as the nine gold medals from number two to Britain. Eight medals it although it’s not a prestigious synchronized swimming, but also in the ‘classic’ zwemnummers took Russia five times gold.

To do this, knew all 25 countries at least one athlete to the podium. Smaller countries like San Marino, Gibraltar or Andorra are also represented, but to return provisionally, without the crown home.

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