Herbert Bruynseels put Family on its head

52a262fe36be7611220606a3885e4c67 - Herbert Bruynseels put Family on its head

A surprise voice: Herbert Bruynseels is a return to the soap Family. Knows that Story. You almost forgot but Herbert Bruynseels is the next presenter, also an actor. Over the last years, especially on the radio station, Joe is active but a good year ago, he decided the station to leave. Herbert began his radiocarrière in 1988 as a presenter at Studio Brussel where he was The Settlement presented. A lot of people will without doubt remember as the host of Medialaan 1, the showbizzprogramma of VTM that four years is a long time on the commercial channel was to be seen. That program presented by Herbert matter with Daisy Van Cauwenbergh. Herbert Bruynseels was in 1991, the opportunity to have a role in Alpha Papa Tango to do, afterwards, would he still have several major and less major roles. We think immediately of doctor Koenraad in Pitch. But in 2004, dove Bruynseels also in the Home, in 2008, even in LouisLouise, and in 2011 he played the role of Willy The Cock in the Family. And it is here where Herbert Bruynseels later will pop up. In the Story tells Herbert this week that he is not, however, as Willy in the Family pops up. “That storyline was finished, and many people remember who the guest star not agree more. In september I will be shortly after the start of the new season are popping up as a new character that quite unexpectedly the life of one main character, a major twist will give. The pictures are there now, but the idea is that my character later returns.”

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