Greece breaks illegal homes after a kill during forest fires

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ATHENS – Greece will thousands of illegal structures to demolish. That said, prime minister Alexis Tsipras Tuesday. In buildings without a licence, put tens of people are killed during a devastating forest fire on July 23.

A fireman is doing research to a completely destroyed house. Houses that are illegally constructed, have proved to be particularly vulnerable to the forest fires. Or this house without a license, is built, is unknown.

Tsipras, whose government was accused of a slow response to the disaster, said that the demolition of 3200 buildings would immediately begin in the region of Attica, where also the capital city of Athens is a part of.

“The same goes for the rest of Greece,” said Tsipras at the audience in Lavrio, east of Athens, close to the place where the destruction in the seaside resort of Mati in a few hours that happened.

Sure 91 people came during the forest fires to life. Many of them were trapped in a maze of narrow, walled streets. Also there were plenty of constructions without permit, which is quite common in Greece.

“We are determined that nothing will be forgotten and we will make the (political) costs”, said Tsipras.

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