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Four begins in the summer with The court

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Four starts on 20 August, so still in full summer with the broadcast of their hit ‘The court’. The strategy behind it has changed viewing habits. “The time that we are in one movement, the curtain open and all programs at one time on the public release is over,” sounds the.

Four during the last seasons already and more to Flemish televisiezekerheden gemorreld. If programmed a transmitter, The mole, the past spring on Sunday night. While that tv moment for years by (the fiction) One was dominated. A strategy that worked. Now select the transmitter to the human-interestprogramma The court already, in the summer, the Flemish living rooms to be able to sneak in. Traditional wait for the big stations until the beginning of september with a great movement in the autumn to begin. The idea is that people in the summer to do other things than watch tv. Only in september, starts of ordinary life again and take people out of their routine back on. Four is the smallest (large) transmitter with the smallest budget. From budgetary considerations began the the past few years, often just a bit later than its larger competitors VTM and One in the autumn.

That broadcasting fits into a broader uitzendstrategie. ‘Viewing habits change. We need to take advantage of these opportunities, ” says Four-spokesperson Kristof Demasure. “The time that we are at the beginning of september the curtain open, and all programs at once on our public release is over. We are spreading our program now and show them at different times begin. All autumn programs should be at the middle of september started.” By used to be to begin with , The court wants to Four the jam at the beginning of autumn and what to avoid. “If only everyone at the beginning of september all the programs at one time on the public release, know a lot of people are not where they need to look,” says Demasure. VTM and One have also been with the same strategy tested by their soaps already in the holiday to begin. What also plays a part, is that Flemish channels in the summer the doors close by reps to send to some to save, is a strategy that in recent years, under pressure by the competition from streaming services like Netflix.

Monday night is also a very popular tv-evening. The first night of the week in Flanders is traditionally watched tv. Therefore, programming is also VTM and One in the evening like their largest valves. All too often, was Four, as the third station, the victim of fierce competition. People looked first to a program on One or VTM and then in a deferred basis, the Four-to legs. It is one of the reasons why the third season of The mole to the sat night was moved. The second season was on Monday night broadcast and was compared Blind married on VTM. It was therefore a significant proportion of viewers in delayed viewing. And programs that are postponed can be viewed, deserves the commercial channels, there is nothing, because the observer can advertising forward. How these sets of Four will play out, is now to wait and see. Also because the other channels have decided on will respond.

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