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F1 team Force India saved by father Stroll

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The Formula 1 team Force India is saved. The renstal has teamed up with a group of investors signed a deal with all creditors, of which the team is no longer under guardianship. The team has huge debts and was therefore a judge in London under a guardianship order made. In a declaration says Force India that all creditors be paid in full.

Thanks to the investors, under the leadership of the Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll, having the 405 employees of Force India not to fear for their jobs. Lawrence Stroll is the father of Lance Stroll, the Formula 1 driver who is driving for Williams.

The Mexican driver Sergio Pérez was forced to intervene in the renstal. Pérez said that his action to the court for an administrator to appoint was needed for a direct bankruptcy to avoid. “If I don’t get my money was claimed, there were now four hundred people on the street”, said the driver of Force India earlier.

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