Ex Nathalie Meskens fall in love again

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In the autumn of 2016 it became known that actress Nathalie Meskens and her husband Jeroen Van Dyck, were divorcing. Meanwhile, there is a lot of water to the sea flowed and Nathalie Meskens been for a while a new love in her life. The focus was the past months, especially to the new love of Nathalie Meskens, but also Jeroen’s fall in love again. That we read this week in the weekly Story. “Jeroen Van Dyck is gently in love,” we read in the Story. Nathalie has been a long time a new friend and also he has someone in his life. “I have someone special to get to know, but it is still all very early,” he says, in the Story of this week. “We want to be together, something beautiful to build, and we take our time. My girlfriend and I don’t want rush into things. I’m cautiously happy, yes. Being in love is a happy feeling. It also brings stability on privévlak and gasped, I have to”, the actor further.

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