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European CHAMPIONSHIPS mountain bike is turning out to be a big flop for Van der Poel: Dutchman knows offday and gives

Mathieu van der Poel had the european CHAMPIONSHIP mountain biking a goal made this season, but that’s a damp squib turned out. The Dutchman never played with it in front, sank early in the match away and gave finally decided to stop working. The Belgians did their EK out and finished respectively 13th and 19th.

The expectations were high for the Dutch champion mountain bike. Van der Poel is on three disciplines (road, field, and mountain bike), the reigning Dutch champion and in the field picked up hi all, the European title. In Glasgow took aim he also the highest.

After 11 kilometres was made that mission almost impossible. The versatile Van der Poel was in 24th place with a delay of more than a minute on the leader. The situation deteriorated only and Van der Poel stepped off. The Dutchman can now fully focus on the EK on the road, Sunday in Glasgow.

Swiss Foresters picks up European title, Schuermans is the first Belgian to go on to 13th place

Lars Foresters has Tuesday in Glasgow the European title in the mountain bike at the men to his name. The Swiss took it for the Italian rider Luca Braidot and the Spaniard David Valero. Jens Schuermans was the first Belgian thirteenth at 1:49, Kevin Panhuysen drove to a nineteenth place at 3:09. The Swiss olympic champion Nino Schurter started not in Glasgow.

Earlier in the day conquered the Simplon Michiels in the women’s bronze. Our compatriot was only beaten by the Swiss Jolanda Neff and the French Pauline Ferrand-Prevot.

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