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Dave Grohl plays 23 minutes by itself

The frontman of the Foo Fighters and former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl loves musical projects. His latest is a song of 23 minutes that he is completely self-play. Of course there is also a mini-documentary.

On August 1, appeared on the YouTube channel of Foo Fighters a first mysterious teaser for ‘Play’, a new project that the challenges and the rewards’ in the paint’s move “to devote your whole life to learn a musical instrument’. In the caption says Grohl that you have something ‘never fully mastered’. “You’re always looking for the next challenge and you want to what you have just learnt, always improve.”

The American rocker plays too many instruments. For the first album from the Foo Fighters sang and played, for example, he everything themselves, and for the song ‘Home’ on the album Echoes, silence, patience & grace , he taught himself to play piano.

In the second teaser for ‘Play’ it now appears that Grohl again with a lot of tools to get started, including three different guitars and two drum sets. Who plays Grohl, each separately, and then together to fit to an instrumental song of about 23 minutes long.

Such a project must, of course, also be accompanied by a mini-documentary. That will viewers a glimpse behind the scenes of ‘Play’ award. Grohl went sure to consult with Mark Monroe, with whom he ‘Sonic highways’ was made.

‘Play’ will be on August 10 to be unloaded via streaming services such as iTunes or Amazon Music. On 28 september will also be a exclusive vinylversie with limited circulation, that, together with a digital format, now all can book.

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