Canvas relies on hard values and new series

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Canvas choose in the fall for continuity with the fixed duidingsprogramma’s in this area, The Appointment to which hardly tinkered, supplemented with new titles and international fiction. So dig the series ‘Children of the colony’ deep in our colonial past and speaks to Xavier Taveirne with the first generation of men who are openly gay.

‘Thank you’ is a four-part series of about forty years of tv journalism as a result of forty years, Martine Tanghe as nieuwsanker. The range is from Monday 3 september. Xavier Taveirne talk in ‘For the men’, beginning on september 4, on Canvas, with the first generation of men who are openly gay were in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

The six-part series of ‘The fall. Ten years after the crisis’, in which Michaël Van Droogenbroeck stock of the financial crisis of 2008, from september 12 to see. Later this year, will follow a program of Lieven Scheire in which he solutions to the daily problems of people with physical or mental disabilities, and there is a three-part series of Rudy Vranckx to see about the parents of Syriëstrijders who are looking for their grandchildren.

‘Children of the colony digs in five parts in the colonial past of Belgium with testimonies of those involved and their descendants. Thomas Vanderveken travel in the series which has the working title ‘Flemish Masters’ bears, world-famous Flemish paintings to go after him. There is also the new series of ‘The weekends’, about people who have a crucial year ahead of us and that self-image, and ‘There was once’, a series about the Royal Belgian Institute for natural Sciences.

In addition, there are a number of international fictiereeksen to see that the Flemish televisiekijkende audience has not previously seen. “Who is America?’ by Sacha Baron Cohen, is already from september on VRT NOW and will be available in October on the tv screen. Elisabeth Moss is again seen in the second season of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale”.

There also remains room for satire, with ‘The Ideal World’, that from this autumn by Jan Jaap van der Wal is presented. He replaces Otto-Jan Ham. In 2019, the programme ‘Hanne dances’ on the tube. Therein explores Hanne Decoutere the world of dance, and she goes to the dance. The discovery of Decoutere is now all online to follow.

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